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Adam Lancaster

Adam Lancaster CPA CTA CA B.Bus

Director and Co-Founder

Adam wears many hats. First and foremost he’s a business owner; his experiences running and growing Ready1 alongside Tim informs much of the advice and mentoring he gives to clients. Being an owner can be lonely; sometimes you need to bounce ideas off other owners. He can relate to your struggles, and provide real-world solutions that actually work.

Helping directors and owners get the fundamentals of business right is what he does best: he ensures clients have the key pillars in place to make their business profitable, flexible, robust and tax-effective. He loves being the right-hand advisor that clients call when they need advice; he makes a meaningful difference in their life.

Adam’s focus is building long-term relationships based on trust and respect. This comes from providing valuable advice that works for clients, always being available and ready to listen, and taking the time to explain what we do and why.

Ready1 is not your ordinary accounting firm. For a start, we think it’s important to communicate with time-poor owners simply, clearly and in a way that suits you. We’re contactable, and we respond quickly when you need us.

We don’t do timesheets. To us, the clock is irrelevant; we think quality, accuracy, timeliness and forward-thinking are much more important. Our team’s most important KPI is whether the client is happy with the outcome. We give them the freedom to do great work, and take the time to get the job right – no matter the cost.

Adam and Tim have worked hard to build a great team and create a positive, welcoming and supporting culture. The team comes first, even before clients – if they have the tools and environment to be their best, they’ll continue to deliver outstanding results for clients.

Adam’s focus is helping clients evolve to the rapidly changing landscape while staying aligned with Ready1’s mission and core values. The drive to find even better ways to do things starts with investing in the team and giving them the right tools to deliver great work. A lifelong learner, Adam will continue to build his own skills and experience – he believes if you stop learning, you stop living.

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Tim Sherlock CA B.Bus

Director and Co-Founder

Tim frees up clients to do what they do best. A key part of this is taking away the burden of tax and compliance (chances are it’s not your strength, but it is ours) and providing service and solutions to help them build better businesses. It also means making sure clients don’t pay any more tax than is required, and that their financial affairs stay on track. The team works collaboratively to ensure what we promise gets done on time and to the high quality our clients expect.

Tim loves building strong relationships with clients and being a trusted adviser they can call at any time to discuss any aspect of their business – no matter how big or small.

Tim provides forward-thinking advice that factors in future possibilities, and educates clients so they do things the right way at the right time. He genuinely cares about his clients’ success, and gets energised by seeing improvements in their results each year.

Another critical role of Tim’s is mentoring the team so they continually build their skills and experience. He and Adam view everything as a training opportunity, and give ongoing feedback to help the team (and our business) be better. They work hard to develop ‘living’ processes and workflows that streamline activity so the team can get more (higher quality) work done with less time and effort.

Tim is proud of the team they’ve assembled at Ready1. He and Adam have created the culture they always dreamed of as employees: open, honest and with no unnecessary anxiety. They don’t sweat the small stuff; their most important metric is getting the job done right, on time, and to the best of your ability.

He is proud to have built an environment of continual improvement that great people want to be part of, where the team, the clients, the firm and the directors themselves are all striving to be better every day.

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Tim Sherlock

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