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Xero: Accounting Disrupted.

Peak Business Efficiency.

accounting ready1 group

Put simply, Xero is a game-changer. Its success boils down to the disruption of accounting tech. Xero was the first accounting software to fully embrace the efficiencies of cloud computing and continues to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Xero is secure accounting software built by the people, for the people. It’s intuitive in nature, super-efficient in its execution, and most importantly it has built-in integrity mechanisms that minimise the three cardinal sins of accounting software: having debtors, creditors and bank accounts out of balance.

Xero + Ready1.

Ready1’s mission since inception has been to become the right-hand advisor to our clients.

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Partnering with Xero leverages innovation to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. We get real-time data that allows us to proactively deliver exceptional results for clients.

Collaboration is key to building trust with business owners. Being able to have conversations in real time based on accurate data is incredibly powerful.

Xero dashboard
Xero dashboard
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Xero Gold Partners.

The Ready1 team is chuffed to be recognised as Xero Gold Partners.

Ready 1 Group team

We know Xero inside-out; it has become an integral part of how we do things. Our main driver is getting the best result for our clients; as some clients have valid reasons for choosing other offerings, we work with all accounting software programs. But Xero and its suite of apps have allowed us to collaborate with hundreds of clients in a way that our predecessors could only dream of.

Xero Gold Partner Certified Advisor Bendigo

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